GSearch: Marketing Research
& Strategy

What You Think You Know Can Kill Your Brand. Smart brand owners and managers know what they don’t know. That is why they engage trusted professionals such as the GrahamSpencer team to help them understand their brands – not as they perceive them from the inside looking out – but as they are seen by disparate external stakeholders from the outside looking in. Whether yours is a nascent startup or a long-established brand contemplating starting over, knowing your customers, your competition, your market dynamics and yourself is critical to long-term success. The methodology we have been perfecting to do just that is called GSearch.

GSearch is GrahamSpencer’s proven, proprietary blend of qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary market research methodologies. It uncovers effective, “ownable” brand truths and positions and converts the intelligence it gathers to actionable positioning and strategic plans, brand identity design, groundbreaking campaigns and more.

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Because it often includes extensive market and brand audits, GSearch allows you to better understand the competitive context in which you operate, allowing our collaborating teams to create brand positioning that occupies a unique mind-space for your company among your stakeholders. And, it adds certainty to the big branding decisions you make on behalf of your company. 

GSearch has been used extensively by GS clients for decades. Prime examples of GSearch-driven brand development and advertising campaigns include work for The Helm Group, SAVANT Wealth Management, the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, Chicago’s North Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau, SuperAmerica, Culver Academies and more.

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If you have fundamental questions or uncertainties about the health and efficacy of your existing brand – or are in the process of building a new brand from the ground up, GrahamSpencer can bring clarity and focus to all your critical branding and advertising decision-making processes through GSearch.  

  • Qualitative Research 
  • Quantitative Research
  • Individual Interviews 
  • Intercept Interviews 
  • Focus Groups 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Advertising Campaign Strategy & Execution