Client Testimonials

It is impossible to overstate how crucial Rock Valley College’s educational and economic role is in the communities we serve. Our board and administration are making bold, dramatic and important investments to improve our school and the lives of our citizens. We need smart, dynamic professional partners who can not only keep up with our own level of activity and exploration, but challenge us along the way to view things differently and solve problems and leverage opportunities in ways that might not occur to us. When it comes to branding and communications, GS it a perfect fit. The firm is smart, dynamic and truly cares about our mission.

Frank Haney, Chairman / Retired, Rock Valley College Board of Trustees

Our relationship with GrahamSpencer came prior to the surge of universities/colleges beginning to manage their “brands.” I believe GS was on the forefront of applying marketing and branding principles to schools – but they did it here in a way that was sensitive to our Culver’s long, unique and cherished heritage. They just,‘got it.’ GS helped us see the Culver brand for what it is, and helped us make key adjustments to how we talk about the brand, and much more. Culver Academies continues to draw from GS’ foundational marketing work when implementing new initiatives and processes.

Bill Hargraves, Director / Retired, Strategic Communications, Culver Academies

GrahamSpencer has been a key partner in the journey of the new Rockford Public Schools to build our brand and help renew the bond of trust with our community. Their GS process provided tremendous insights and supported and informed our work on both high schools and academies and our facilities planning. We greatly value our partnership with the firm and its people.

Ehren Jarrett, Superintendent, Rockford Public Schools

GrahamSpencer’s team was phenomenal from day one. Our institution ad never gone through a true strategic process before, but the team worked closely with us every step of the way. Their attention to detail was extremely impressive, and their recommendations received high praise from university faculty and staff, which is a rare occurrence. They provided us with a step-by-step guide to brand our institution. Their GS technique was so thorough, its insight improves our recruitment efforts daily.

Bryan Rachal, Director University Communications / Retired, University of North Alabama

At its inception, Alignment Rockford broke some rough ground in Rockford. The soil of public education had been packed down hard. Years of animosity toward Rockford Public Schools had cemented an almost universal belief that nothing would ever change. Alignment Rockford’s early partnership with RPS 205 focused on transformation of Rockford’s traditional high schools into academies. It was an audacious challenge which needed authentic support and school board approval. GrahamSpencer crafted the integrated marketing communications that introduced the academy concept to the community and then the Board of Education approval. GrahamSpencer crafted the integrated marketing communications that introduced the academy concept to the community and then the Board of Education. A difficult, complicated concept, a contentious community and divided Board all came together and in the end the Board vote was unanimously in favor. GrahamSpencer understood the concept, intuited its importance for the region and successfully crafted the academy story. The College and Careers Academies of Rockford are thriving and community support remains robust. GrahamSpencer was a sentient, strategic and creative partner on the project.

Laurie Preece, Executive Director Alignment Rockford & Rockford Charter / Retired, Alignment Rockford

I believe our success is because GS took the time to really get to know the college and what we are all about. From the initial research of the community perception of the college to the re-imaging and re-branding programs. GS’s creative team became invested in not just developing great ads but in helping the college meet its potential in the community.

Steven Gibson, President / Retired, Rockford Career College