Welcome Northbrook

Welcome Village of Northbrook Friends!

In addition to the physical RFP document we prepared and delivered, we built a web page for you. We did this because we wanted you to be able to easily browse through a few custom-curated GrahamSpencer case studies and click on links where applicable to get a feel for our full suite of capabilities. 

The projects featured required successful delivery of the skills you need to rebrand the Village of Northbrook in the short and long terms:

  • diligent, insightful research & planning
  • clever strategic planning & positioning 
  • proven, award-winning design skills
  • storytelling mastery
  • nimble execution, even in crisis situations
  • seasoned, trusted management
  • deep knowledge of suburban & urban Chicago 

Beyond work for municipal, county and state government units, we also have deep experience working with visitor and economic development industry clients.  We have also included studies from related fields like gas station chains, craft brewing and food & beverage.  

Also, just for fun, we included Rick’s Picks: A Lifelong Affair With Guitars & Music. We suspect GS will be the only competitor in your selection of design firms who made, branded and promoted a 6,000 sq ft museum exhibition for a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-winning rock band. 

Thanks again for the opportunity to join you in your quest to develop the Village of Northbook’s brand and economy. We would relish the opportunity to partner with you and look forward to further discussions.  

The GrahamSpencer Team