At GrahamSpencer, we have worked in a largely virtual manner for years, rarely under the same roof at the same time. We collaborate and create work via online apps, email, texts, video conferences and phone calls. And sometimes, via osmosis.  

Because of today’s social distancing restrictions, even those of us who normally work together in our downtown Rockford HQ are working apart. Hopefully not for long, but we’re making the most of it – just like you.

Despite all this, we are and always have been a tightly knit crew – drawn together by our love of solving problems with our skills, creativity, experience and shared passion for insight-driven strategic thinking.  

We are blessed to be busy, working very hard for good people we like and respect. But, of course there is something about today’s current situation that puts everything a little closer to the marrow when it comes to appreciating the little things in life. Creative people tend to want to memorialize such moments and we’re no exception.

So, we thought we would share a few glimpses of the little things we’ve noticed and captured with our phones and cameras while isolated in Rockford, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta – together but apart. 

Do us a favor; send us a snapshot or two of the moments you’ve captured in your life of late. We would love to see how you’re dealing with your current situation. Maybe we’ll even share some of your images on our site or our social channels. Email us at [email protected]. Above all else, stay healthy. Our nation is going to need us all in spirit, mind, body – and hopefully in person – very soon.

It’s nice to have companions to keep their eyes on you, the horizon and even your work: in this case a vigilant Australian Shepherd and an Ernest Hemingway cat named Ernie (who considers himself quite an editor). 
1.) No problem social distancing with grandkids in the Big Cottonwood canyon – they are always running yards ahead.
2.) Casting shadows on a late afternoon with Mt. Timpanogos’ snowy peaks guiding Annette and I home.
1.) Izzy is enjoying quarantine like she does everyday.
2.) Dreaming of the next big dance.
1.) Our girls’ daily call to Babu (grandma) and “Gampa” (grandpa) who live less than a mile away. 
2.) A focused Nyah practices her ballet/dance moves.
3.) One of the neighborhood chickens comes out to say hello to a tutu-wearing 3-year-old on scooter. (and the rest of the family as they catch up)
1.) Grateful for walks in the sunshine with flowers to pick and rocks to throw.
2.) Olivia loves spending time with Ms. Shepherd, even if only virtually.
3.) Reed however, is over the virtual learning. 
Reflections of empty Chicago streets on a Saturday night in Spring. It won’t be the last time in 2020, and this pup is okay with that. Her best friend is home.
1.) Two helpers smile during a break while fixing up the old family farmhouse, an oasis of calm that weathered the last pandemic, over a hundred years ago.
2.) Matt ruefully notes that at least now, everyone else needs a haircut too.
1.) The putting green really ties the room together.
2.) Working on the short game.