RACVB: Cabela’s King Kat Advertisement

Within days of the launch of its new GS-designed brand identity, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau called with good news; Rockford and its wonderfully rolling, winding Rock River would be last-minute additions to Cabela’s King Kat Tournament for 2011–a huge multi-state cat fishing competition that attracts thousands of sportsmen and women from around the world. And, RACVB needed a whopper of an ad to help promote the tournament – in 24 hours! No worries. A deadline is as irresistible to us as a freshly baited hook to a big Rock River catfish. We took the bait and produced a quick creative brief, threw a boat full of conceptual and design lines in the water and came up with this award-winning catch. Just another day (literally) at the office for GrahamSpencer. And that’s no fish story.