Locavore Farm: Building a Community Around Soil Health and Healthy Foods in Kankakee County 

In a successful 2023 mixed media campaign, GrahamSpencer celebrated the region’s easy access to high quality outdoor attractions and things to do with special emphasis on the remarkably clean and beautiful Kankakee River, which flows through Kankakee as well as the lovely Kankakee State Park.

After video and photography shooting wrapped for the 2023 campaign, we at GrahamSpencer were introduced by Visit Kankakee County staff to Rachael and Chris Jones of Locavore Farm in Grant Park, IL. The couple had just relocated their organic farm operation to a larger farm property. They were in the latter stages of barn construction, planning a new spring-fed pond and a dizzying array of other improvements.

Within 15 minutes of having met the dynamic couple, we knew Locavore was the “hook” Visit Kankakee County was looking for. Rachael’s and Chris’s story was that fascinating. We at GrahamSpencer worked together with Visit Kankakee County to craft a plan that resulted in a year-long flighted digital campaign called Locavore: Farm to Farm Table

Locavore Farms
01 Photos

Content is King and the campaign hinges on the timed release of four documentary style video chapters detailing the inspiring and heart-warming Locavore Farm story, from the germ of an idea hatched in a suburban Chicago kitchen to the expansive wonder that it has become in a carefully calculated attempt to make human connections between visitors and the land.

Digital campaign traffic is being driven to a campaign landing page that hosts video as well as written and photographic content about Locavore Farm. It is also designed to encourage visitors to explore all that the rest that Kankakee County has to offer. 

Locavore Campaign Landing Page
02 Campaign Landing Page + Digital Campaign (GIFs)
03 Presentation Deck

At Locavore, the Joneses are not just creating healthy food. They are creating beautiful, fulfilling experiences and a community of like-minded people who come from near and far to enjoy their 100-seat table of friendship set on a peaceful Kankakee County pasture. At Locavore Farm, as the sun goes down, spirits rise. It’s the kind of truly unique, inspiring attraction that any DMO in the nation would be proud to feature as a prized visitor magnet. We are privileged to tell its story.

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