Chicago/Rockford International Airport: Video Helps Cargo Business Grow

Periodically over the years, Chicago/Rockford International Airport (RFD) has tapped GrahamSpencer for help with several key initiatives, including the creation of promotional videos to be used in its successful efforts to build RFD’s cargo business.

The most recent RFD cargo video was written, shot and edited in 2017 and 2018 and completed in late summer of 2018. It has already used to good effect on several occasions by RFD staff in critical new business development meetings.

By November of 2018, 1.7 billion pounds of cargo had landed at RFD – 22% more than the same period of 2017.  Such numbers go a long way toward validating RFD leaders’ aggressive investment in airport infrastructure – $100 million in all over the past few years, making RFD a powerful regional economic development engine through the cargo niche. In 2017, RFD ranked as the 31st busiest airport in the United States. By October of 2018, it had risen to 22nd and is expected to finish 2018 in the top 20.

RFD has technical and geographic advantages that simply cannot be matched by other airports – even nearby international giant Chicago O’Hare (ORD), where road traffic congestion complicates, delays and makes more expensive the process of moving cargo on the ground.

No wonder UPS made RFD its second largest American hub by moving its Des Moines operation to RFD. No wonder Amazon Prime committed in November 2018 to increase its flights and double its number of employees at RFD – forcing an increase of freight-handling space by 120,000 sq ft.

As the video says, “RFD is quietly setting the gold standard for air freight friendliness against the inefficiency of giant passenger hubs.” As time goes by, RFD’s advantages will only increase, so keep an eye on the sky around Chicago/Rockford International Airport. You’re bound to see more cargo air traffic in 2019, as well. If you’re looking for help making your brand take off, we’ll be happy to be your copilot. Click here to send us a message.