GrahamSpencer Brand Strategy Director - Dave DeCastris

DeCastris Joins GrahamSpencer Brand + Content Solutions

GrahamSpencer Brand + Content Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Dave DeCastris to its team of creative, digital and business professionals.

RACVB: Stroll On State – Stories of Resilience

GrahamSpencer was pleased to be asked by longtime client RACVB (Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau) to help create video content for an upcoming 2020 Thanksgiving Weekend WREX-TV broadcast of the community’s annual Stroll On State pre-Christmas celebration.

Remembering John McNamara (1939 – 2020), Mayor, City of Rockford, 1981-1989

As Mayor, John McNamara gave us his confidence. He gave us his optimism. He showed us it was OK to love our city – a place with an uncannily persistent inferiority complex.

The Donut, The Hole & The Widening Gyre.

I was born in 1987 in Rockford, Illinois. In that same year, in the same town, two young men founded a company called GrahamSpencer. As their business matured and I grew up, Americans have witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, the destruction of the World Trade Center and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning to (Re)Build a Better Me

Amid C-19, as if that alone and its shock waves weren’t enough, in Utah we have experienced earthquakes, brush fires that burned acres and threatened the possible evacuation of our home, watched the world in political and social unrest, and my back has been on the fritz! I mean, how much is enough 2020?!

GrahamSpencer’s Creative Team Responds to Historic Social Unrest

At GrahamSpencer we had planned to present a case study this week on new work we’re proud of. But, it occurred to us that would be tone deaf and disrespectful. So, our team nominated me to say something representative of our thoughts on current affairs instead.

Employee Collage

Dealing With Crisis, Together & Apart: One Moment At a Time

As many of your know, we at GrahamSpencer have worked in a largely virtual environment for years, rarely all together in the same place at the same time. We collaborate and create work via online apps, email, texts, video conferences and phone calls. And sometimes, via osmosis. Now, even those of us who normally work together in our downtown Rockford HQ are mostly working apart.

2019 ADDY Results: A Legacy of Success

For 31 years, GrahamSpencer has been a dominating force in the regional American Advertising Federation ADDY competition (including the original “RADDY” competition before the regional club was affiliated with AAF).

CONNEXION IoT: Leveraging the Internet of Things

In 2018, GrahamSpencer joined forces with the staff of Bosch’s Chicago Connectory to create, brand and promote an all-new symposium event themed around the Internet of Things.

For Immediate Release: GrahamSpencer Scores 2017/18 ADDY Best of Show Beer Branding Twofer

Rockford, IL May 22, 2018 At the Northern Illinois Advertising Federation ADDY Awards, GrahamSpencer received Best of Show honors for the second consecutive year for its work rebranding a craft brewery.

In 2018, Best of Show work was done for Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City, Iowa. In 2017, it was Prairie Street Brewing Co in Rockford, IL.