Perkins Restaurants: A Tasty New Website

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery hired GrahamSpencer to create a state-of-the-art responsive web site to provide a smooth, 360-degree user experience for its customers on all devices. Technology was important to the client, of course, but only from the standpoint of a bullet-proof user experience that didn’t get in the way of Perkins’ brand message.

GS’s goal was to design and build a more fluid, simplified user-experience requiring as few clicks as possible in a condensed, easy-to-access graphical user interface. Dynamic, hunger-inducing food video and photography took center-stage, and the pies and pancakes never looked so good.

Prior to launch we also engaged in an additional round of live ADA user validation testing to ensure the site is as friendly as possible for Perkins’ disabled customers, who they value deeply.