Dealing With Crisis, Together & Apart: One Moment At a Time

As many of your know, we at GrahamSpencer have worked in a largely virtual environment for years, rarely all together in the same place at the same time. We collaborate and create work via online apps, email, texts, video conferences and phone calls. And sometimes, via osmosis.  Now, even those of us who normally work together in our downtown Rockford HQ are mostly working apart. 

What does that look like? We thought we would share a few glimpses of the little things we’ve noticed and captured with our phones and cameras while isolated in Rockford, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta. Join us here on our website for a quick scroll through a few of those moments – and an invitation to share some of yours with us. And above all else, stay healthy. Our nation is going to need us all in spirit, mind, body – and hopefully in person – very soon.