GrahamSpencer: Portrait Photography

It’s an old cliche to say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While we aren’t sure on that exact ratio, at GrahamSpencer we fight hard to ensure that thoughts and imagery support each other — so the claims your business makes to your customers are supported by perfectly orchestrated still and motion picture productions. Methodical planning, precise execution and thorough editing are all required to convey the proper meaning to your audience.

Many of our photographic projects involve portraiture and we regard it as some of the most challenging and nuanced work we do. Beyond selecting the right environment and wardrobe, the craft of taking pictures of another human’s face requires a certain skill beyond just metering exposure. Misplace your catch light and the salesperson is missing the sparkle in the eye that conveys warmth and approachability. Use too much light and the business owner who has spent many long nights working overtime for his clients loses the worn-in charm of a few wrinkles starting to form.

Creating an image of a person is tantamount to writing their biography in light, perhaps beyond a memoir of their past, but a projection of their future. Conceive a portrait of a person in their truest light, and one may transmit their values in a frame.