Giovanni’s Family Of Brands: A History Of Success

GrahamSpencer has enjoyed a productive business and personal relationship with our friends at the Giovanni’s family of brands since 2009 when we were engaged to employ our qualitative/quantitative research and strategic planning process known as GSearch.

Our challenge was to help understand the decline in Giovanni’s Restaurant and Big Al’s Bar business, as well as explore possible new threats to their critical banquet sector – and to recommend corrective strategies.

Closure of Giovanni’s restaurant and the creation of an exciting new “front porch” restaurant concept that would become the wildly popular alchemy were among our recommendations. 

About two years ago, we were again engaged to conduct research, planning, brand identity design and creative execution for Graystone at Aldeen Golf Club, Giovanni’s itself and Legacy. Legacy is the fine dining restaurant that replaced Big Al’s.  We also recently launched a dynamic new, four-brand website for the entire family of brands.  

Interesting learnings that bubbled to the surface in the more recent research were not only the importance of standing apart in terms of menu and cuisine quality – but ambiance. Congratulations to Chef Al Castrogiovanni for addressing the needs of Contemporary Casual and Fine Dining customers who seek ambience, atmosphere and experience above all else. Legacy delivers on all fronts. 

Of course, research and planning is the solid foundation upon which all the creative work you see in this case study was built.

Giovanni’s is a true family operation from stem to stern. Many of its key people are Castrogiovanni’s family members or long-tenured employees. At GrahamSpencer, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for the good people of Giovanni’s family of brands.