CONNEXION IoT: Leveraging the Internet of Things

In 2018, GrahamSpencer joined forces with the staff of Bosch’s Chicago Connectory to create, brand and promote an all-new symposium event themed around the Internet of Things. Among other things, the purpose of the event was to draw attention to and burnish the brand of The Chicago Connectory, Bosch’s high-quality co-working space in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. The Chicago Connectory team also wished to help as many people as possible take a deep dive into an IoT environment in which more than 3 billion connected devices exist in 2018 alone. Our primary responsibilities were to name, create the identity for and promote the event.

CONNEXION IoT’s programming was focused on the integration of technology and connectivity in the IoT world. For our team to attract and engage a mix of B2B/B2C audiences to this new event with targeted messaging, we integrated technology into the majority of our communications plan to continually measure, analyze, optimize and adjust campaign effectiveness against clients goals before, during and after the event.

More than 500 attendees, 250 speakers and sponsors, and 40 fascinating IoT experiences made for an exceedingly energetic, successful event. CONNEXION IoT was discussed in more than 700 social media conversations and on 246 media outlets.

The effort produced a packed house and happy clients. Residual positive effects are still being felt as growth opportunities are being realized, potentially life-long “connexions” are being developed and the Chicago Connectory staff is already looking forward to topping 2018’s results in 2019.
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