Success: GS Clients Dominate 2021 ADDY Competition

Since 1987, we’ve consistently said we owe nearly all our success to our clients. We say “nearly” because we want to reserve some credit for our parents:). Our clients do the amazing work that require the strategic, storytelling and technical skills GS brings to the table. We’re losing count of the Best of Show, Best of Category, Judge’s Choice, Gold, Silver and Bronze ADDY’s we’ve won over the years, but the number is fast approaching 300. We view each one gratefully and with pride – as a job well-done, for really good people. People like…

RACVB/Stroll on State

Thank you, and the people of Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. You’re our longest-tenured client at over 34 years (you were Jay Graham’s client before GrahamSpencer was even founded in 1987!). We love it when you throw out those big challenges that become Hideaway in Rockford, In Good Company and now a series of emotive and pride-building video vignettes about Rockfordians responding to the pressures of the pandemic – during Christmastime. Best of Show looks good on you – and all the people who’s stories we told in the Stroll On State Video Vignette Series.

Prairieview Golf Club & PrairieFire Golf + Grill 

To our friends at PrairieView Golf Club and PrairieFire Golf + Grill; we love golf and we love the fact that you’re our clients! You’re supportive when we push you in fresh new directions and you were equally supportive when we suggested a goofy ideas to celebrate the awards we won together in 2021. Thanks for being you. It’s been fun to watch all those tee times and bay rentals get booked, but hey; save room for us, will you!? Folks, we invite to view our recent award-winning work for PrairieFire Golf + Grill and Prairieview Golf Club.

Helm Group 

Thank you, Helm Group. You deserved a world-class logo, website and digital advertising because you’re a world-class company that had clearly outgrown its brand identity. We appreciate the fact that you took the long road to success with GS just like you do everything else in life and business – and allowed us to base our work on our robust research and strategic planning process called GSearch. The ultra-detailed manner in which we approached this work shows in the results – and ADDY Judges noticed it, too. Click here to view some of the award-winning work we accomplished for Helm Group.

Savant Wealth Management

Ah, Savant Capital Management. Thank you for your drive to be the best Registered Investment Advisor you can be. Thank you for caring about your own team and your clients they way you do. That all came out in the evidence-based, research-driven approach we embarked on together that resulted in your new brand identity and lead-generating website. The fact we did it all in the midst of a global pandemic makes it our shared achievements all the more remarkable. Doing exceptional work together – online – over the phone – over zoom – before hours – after hours – over the weekend – will always among our fondest, proudest Pandemic Memories. Thank you for choosing GrahamSpencer.

Rockford Mass Transit District

RMTD, what can we say? You’re on The Road Less Traveled: a road with great, great promise for our community and one we’re so proud to ride with alongside you. Thank you. It is truly a pleasure to help get out your inspiring message of Mobility for All to the Rockford Region. There are so many people who, without you, would be physically disconnected from their families, careers, healthcare and happiness. Click here to view some of our Judges’ Choice, Gold and Silver award-winning work for RMTD

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